By: Carly Dziekan (Contributing Writer)

Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Something we have (unfortunately) been thinking a lot about lately. We hope that the world will become a safer place. We hope that one day we can look past differences among society. We hope that we don’t receive the news that we are a part of the statistics of cancer, and if by chance we get the news we are, hope is even more important.

Cancer is physical, your body undergoes changes, chemo creates unimaginable side effects, and your body needs rest; however, cancer is also mental. While you’re body is going through these physical changes your mind changes simultaneously.

Think back to the last bad day you had. You spilled your coffee all over your favorite outfit and had to change. Traffic was horrible and you were late to work. You forgot the lunch you packed the day before. You double scheduled meetings and had to cancel on your biggest client. Whatever “your bad day” may be. But then, when you get home your significant other had a hot meal ready for you and greeted you with a smile. Suddenly, you have a big sigh of relief and your day flipped around.

Now, imagine a bad day for a child going through treatment for cancer. They wake up to a day scheduled of IV’s, a spinal tap, hospital food, and dispointment when they find out their favorite Disney show doesn’t come through on the hospital’s cable network. They are alone, scared, and tired in a bare hospital room.

But, they then peak out their door and see their favorite athlete walking around the chemo ward. Or they hear favorite DVD playing in a room down the hall. And just maybe, there is even a new stuffed animal to replace their old one that got covered in vomit when the last treatment didn’t go so well. These day-changing events are what OMT16 will provide to childhood cancer patients.

Every little bit helps. Cancer treatments are expensive and families often face economic struggle in order to save their child’s life. In order for these day-changing gifts to be available for every pediatric cancer patient, we need your help. Sponsor your favorite athlete for a season. Donate a dollar or two for every win your hometown team gets. And during the game, when that athlete scores a goal, or when your team wins, you can think to yourself, “that donation is helping allow children to be children while in the fight of their life”.

Please visit to learn more or email [email protected]. We thank you in advance for your support.