By: Jordan Sheridan

A lot of times, before an individual donates to a non-profit organization, they want to know where the money that they give goes. The donor wants to understand what their hard-earned dollar is being transformed into.

In retail, or with for-profit companies, when you hand over money, nine times out of ten, you are getting something in return. If you pay a lawyer fee, it is usually because that lawyer needed to help you out with something. If you pay Target, it usually means that you are taking something from Target.

But, with non-profit organizations, when you donate that money then belongs to the organization and nine times out of ten you don’t get something physical and tangible in return.

So, if you donate to OMT16, where does that money go?

First things first – our entire staff is voluntary. No one is receiving a salary, and according to the customary law, we don’t have any “official” full-time employees. So, every dollar that you donate goes directly back to living out our mission of comforting and supporting pediatric oncology patients, families and caregivers.

When you donate to OMT16, we are providing computers for kids who don’t go to school like an average child.

When you donate to OMT16, we are providing gas gift cards for the moms and dads who have to drive over 300 miles a week to and from the clinic.

When you donate to OMT16, you are providing celebration dinners for those children who get to ring the bell and celebrate being cancer free.

You provide coffee for the tired nurses and caregivers who work endlessly to alleviate that physical pain. You provide coloring books and board games for the siblings who have to sit and watch their brother or sister get pumped with chemotherapy. You provide Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts for some parents who wouldn’t necessarily get anything on those special days.

You are making a difference in the daily life of those affected by pediatric cancer, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

Sometimes it might be a life-changing contribution and other times it might be a little pick me up on a bad day. But no matter what, every dollar you donate is going to a child and a family who needs it, and on behalf of a family and a child who once did need it, we couldn’t thank you enough.

To learn more about donating to OMT16, please visit our website at or check out upcoming fundraisers on our events page. Thanks so much in advance for your support.