About Jordan Sheridan

Jordan Sheridan, 22 year old resident of Syracuse, NY is a graduate of St. Lawrence University where she majored in Business and Communications. Jordan was inspired to create On My Team16 by her younger brother, Jack Sheridan, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in May of 2014. Jordan is determined to impact the life of at least one child or family, and provide a glimpse at a world without cancer, and On My Team16 is going to help her do just that.


“Where do you find the motivation?” is a question we get asked a lot; as if motivation is some elusive, rare object. Alternatively, sometimes we get asked, “How do [...]

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What is OMT16?

On My Team16: A startup non profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives and experiences of children battling cancer through sports. Just take a second, and imagine this: It’s [...]

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To Mom & Dad

To all moms and to all dads, who are faced with the pain of hearing the words “your child has cancer” – You might be surprised by this, but [...]

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