If you think changing the world is a large feat, then you’ve never heard of the butterfly effect. Simply put, the butterfly effect is a concept that outlines how every decision, move, breath, can impact the entire world. The way it’s usually described, metaphorically, is that a tornado in North America can be influenced by the wind created from a butterfly flying in Africa several weeks earlier.

Optimistically, this concept describes how every decision can have an exponential impact on the world around us. So, if you think that we cannot change the world, we would disagree. Selfless people change the world every day whether the rest of the world is aware of it or not.

For example, professional athletes in North America continue to be some of the most selfless and charitable people in our society. Our board of directors is made up of individuals who understand the importance of being part of a team; a part of something bigger. Athletes understand what it’s like to be on a team, and part of something bigger; to play their sport for someone other than themselves. For example, hockey players do not play through playoffs with broken bones for themselves; they do it for their teammates.

Communities rally around their sports teams in the same way they rally around children fighting cancer, they continue to give and support endlessly. By combining athletes with sick children, we are bringing together endless amounts of support, friendship and inspiration.

Athletes and children fighting cancer have more in common than you’d think. From outsiders, both are inspirational that can have a significant, positive impact on their communities. Often times, athletes are scrutinized for their chosen line of work. It is criticized that they make too much money and have little societal importance (Tainsky 2011)); however, countless athletes have created foundations giving millions to various philanthropic efforts they feel most passionate about.

A lot of value is put into athletic philanthropic efforts. With the current negative news surrounding famous celebrities, it is good to know that there remain many athletes whom given endlessly to charities they are passionate about. There’s even an entire webpage dedicated to showcasing athletes’ charitable work. For example, an athlete with hearts after ours, Ryan Callahan started Cally’s Crew, a foundation dedicated to give children with cancer a night of “fun and enjoyment”. Another NHL player, PK Subban even received the Governor General’s award for pledging to raise $10 million dollars for families struggling financially after a child’s illness (Beacon 2017).

PK Subban receiving the Governor General’s award.

An executive for the NFL stated that there has been an increase in charity at the player level and an increase in grants and foundations established by players (Babak et al. 2012).

It is well documented that athletes give back to the communities that helped them reach their goals and dreams. Some may question our decision of using athletes as our foundation to build upon, but we have done our research. Athletes are often times viewed as heroic and act as role models, especially for young children. By having such powerful influences in the community dedicating their time and efforts to charitable events can encourage local citizens to do the same.

If butterflies can change the world, we have no doubt that On My Team16 can, too. Our athletes on OMT16 are joining a long line of athletes who have given back to their community and will inspire others to do so, as well. To the naysayers and doubters who think that a small nonprofit, with a young board of directors won’t be able to make a difference, do all the children fighting cancer a favor, and take a step back, look at the broader picture, and just watch us fly.

OMT16 will be making its first donation to Golisano Children’s Hospital on November 22nd. Please consider joining with us today! Donations can be made on the donation page at onmyteam16.com. Thank you so much in advance for your support!