April has been a sad month for Canadians and the hockey world.

On April 4th, a young boy named Jonathan Pitre, who suffered from a rare skin disease for which there is no cure, passed away.

Despite suffering from this painful disease, he remained optimistic and happy, and the Ottawa Senators biggest fan. Growing up near Ottawa, he naturally loved the hometown hockey team, that rallied around him during his biggest struggle, drawing motivation and inspiration from him. Throughout his fight, he raised awareness for his disease and was a true hero in the face of adversity.

Two days after Jacob passed away, a second tragedy struck the Canadian hockey world. The team bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos was involved in a car accident, killing 16 people and injuring another 13. In the wake of this tragedy, nearly 12 million dollars have been raised to aid those affected by the crash.

Both Canada and the hockey community are grieving from these tragedies, but the support from around the world has been astounding. It is such an amazing reminder that the sports world will do whatever it takes to help others in need.

In addition, it is also a reminder that we need to be grateful for each day that we are given, and to make the most of our current situation. A certain Broncos player was paralyzed in the crash, but it has not stopped his dream of continuing to play hockey, and he will remind all of us each day to be resilient when faced with adversity.

Despite the tragedies of the past week, the sports world has rallied together to support one another and it becomes more and more apparent with each day, just how giving the sports community is.

There have been too many young people taken too soon, and it is a sombre reminder that we need to be grateful for those around us. Despite whatever challenges come our way, we can find strength in the support we know we have from our communities, friends and families. Just this very moment, there are children being diagnosed with cancer, and are starting the fight of their lives. Help us, help them find an additional avenue for support through On My Team16.

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Photo taken from CBC.