“Where do you find the motivation?” is a question we get asked a lot; as if motivation is some elusive, rare object. Alternatively, sometimes we get asked, “How do [...]

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PyeongChang 2018

With the world’s best athletes taking the stage this month, it’s a good time to reflect on the power of sports. Watching the most renowned athletes compete at the [...]

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New Year’s Resolution?

I know you’re thinking that you’ve probably seen enough pictures of fruits and vegetables these past few weeks with all of the “resolutioners” gung-ho attitudes, so another one won’t [...]

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What is OMT16?

On My Team16: A startup non profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives and experiences of children battling cancer through sports. Just take a second, and imagine this: It’s [...]

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The Butterfly Effect

If you think changing the world is a large feat, then you’ve never heard of the butterfly effect. Simply put, the butterfly effect is a concept that outlines how [...]

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To Mom & Dad

To all moms and to all dads, who are faced with the pain of hearing the words “your child has cancer” – You might be surprised by this, but [...]

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By: Carly Dziekan (Contributing Writer) Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Something we have (unfortunately) been thinking a lot about lately. We [...]

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In spite of my personal opinion, the charity that I have founded is quite small, even though the issues we are focused on tackling are quite large. I am [...]

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